Aphorisms and Reflections #1

I. What’s so good about being ‘efficient’ anyway? Sure, it saves money and time, but is not the natural end-goal of ‘efficiency’ the elimination of the human?

II. The only form of activism that really counts is that which takes place when no-one is looking.

III. The small, neglected local Church is still able to shine a light that the darkness of the ‘mega’ Church cannot eclipse.

IV. The most important ideas are those unable to be summarized in a thesis statement.

V. There’s a lot to be said for making one’s own life as complicated as possible. Among other things, it’s always entertaining.

VI. The key to making theology relevant for the age is to liberate it from the incessant need of being novel.

VII. I wonder how many human experiences and feelings have yet to be pathologized in the DSM?

VIII. Some community is good and necessary, but most of the time it functions as a way of avoiding a confrontation with…..oneself.

IX. If you want to guarantee personal space in peak hour public transport, just read the Bible. Or better yet, the Koran.

X. When the institutional Church eventually collapses within the west, Christianity will then be at its most visible within the world. Consider it a form of Facebook friend culling.



About Ryan Buesnel

Welcome to my page! I am a writer and musician from Melbourne who enjoys reading philosophy, theology and military history. I am a Ph.D. Candidate through Charles Sturt University, with my thesis exploring the activities of the German State Church during the Third Reich-era.
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