Made Me Smile #1

I. A beautiful image yesterday: an elderly man walking his granddaughter home from primary school. He was carrying her bag and had made her fairy bread as an after school treat. She was singing a made-up melody with the abandon typical of children. If only adults felt they could do the same…

II. A Bible reader at Church takes his job extremely seriously. He rehearses his assigned reading during the week, and on Sunday past he arrived an hour early in order to practice with the lectern.

III. The lady that makes my lunchtime Vietnamese beef rolls takes so much pride in her creation that one cannot help but be inspired. Most of the ingredients are grown in her backyard, and she makes every single roll with love and attention to detail.

IV. Our Guitarist arrived to rehearsal hungover on Saturday, and I found myself comforted by the realisation that some things will never change, despite societies addiction to novelty.

V. A man asked me for directions at Central Station. We got talking. He was a maintenance worker on tugboats. It was the only job he ever had, and it was his passion. There is a distinct joy to be had in hearing the finer details of someone’s vocation, especially when its an area in which you have no prior knowledge.

VI. Remembering Michelle from Riverland Assembly of God. The poor girl couldn’t control her farts. The sermon was her favourite part of the service to let them rip. Eventually Dad had to ask her to leave the service if she needed to fart, and to come back in after she had done her business. This approach worked for approximately 30 minutes.

VII. An elderly Italian gentlemen asked me to pass him by on the footpath as he feared he was holding me up. We walked together instead. Lovely man. He told me a bit about his life story. He was so exceedingly proud of his family and all their achievements.  This was in spite of his clear grief at losing his wife to cancer. I was reminded of how joy is reliant on the experience of pain in order to become pure and full.

VIII. I have reached a place in my life as a drummer in which I feel that each beat contains a tiny element of my whole life. Each time I play the drums I am celebrating all those glorious musical triumphs and failures of my past.


About Ryan Buesnel

Welcome to my page! I am a writer and musician from Melbourne who enjoys reading philosophy, theology and military history. I am a Ph.D. Candidate through Charles Sturt University, with my thesis exploring the activities of the German State Church during the Third Reich-era.
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