Aphorisms and Reflections #2

I. I consider it safe to conclude that in the present age humanity can be divided into two distinct groups: those who are willing to be exploited by a reality TV show, and those who are genuinely alive.

II. One of the tragedies of life is that we are each born artists, only to have our primeval instinct to play and create incrementally destroyed by the forces of efficiency and production.

III. Some books you don’t read for the story but for the window it gives you into the mind of the author. Such is the case with Breakfast of Champions and Timequake by Kurt Vonnegut. Both are erratic, fragmented works of some kind of literary genius. As a reader, you are left overwhelmed with the scope of Vonnegut’s topical interests and insight into the human condition.

IV. The irony of Scandinavian Black Metal is that it idolises a Nietzschean understanding of power and force, but hates the historical exercise of these same elements by the Christian Church.

V. How to lose friends and infuriate people: say that you don’t feel any guilt for being a white European male.

VI. Another way of interpreting the salient themes in Barthian theology would be to say that for Barth, theology had become too broad. In reality, the theological task needs to limit its scope and say fewer things about fewer topics.

VII. Kierkegaard may well have resolved his inner conflicts through the simple act of getting laid, but such a brief moment of passion would have robbed us of one of the most creative (yet tortured) minds in philosophical history.

VIII. Today marked the first time in which I actually felt a degree of sympathy for hipsters. It must be really exhausting being constantly in search of external stimuli in order to temporarily satiate inner restlessness.

IX. I have concluded that the ‘creationism’ movement is actually a form of idolatry. The faith of the creationist is a fragile thing indeed.

X. I wonder how many of the worlds problems might be fixed if we taught ourselves to view those who are more talented and gifted than us as inspirations rather than threats? Is retraining our brain in this way even possible?










About Ryan Buesnel

Welcome to my page! I am a writer and musician from Melbourne who enjoys reading philosophy, theology and military history. I am a Ph.D. Candidate through Charles Sturt University, with my thesis exploring the activities of the German State Church during the Third Reich-era.
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