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The Famous Five and the Spirit of Adventure

It’s funny the things which stick with you from childhood. I am a 37-year-old man who often finds myself remembering childhood moments which captivated my imagination. Just the other day I experienced a flashback to when I was in grade … Continue reading

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Jack T. Chick and The Witches of Nar Nar Goon

The sociological phenomenon known as the ‘satanic panic’ hit the country town of Warragul in the early 1990’s, where for a brief time the locals had become alarmed at the rise in satanic ritual activity amongst the towns youth. Rumours … Continue reading

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And the Sax Played On… (Or, why it’s not always a good idea to invite friends to Church)

The pressure to invite my high school friends to Church events wasn’t oppressive, but it was subtly consistent. This pressure- perhaps expectation is a better word- manifested itself through casual remarks made by my Parents or youth leaders, to the … Continue reading

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Mr M- The Bass Playing I.T Teacher from the North

It was nearing the end of a Monday lunchtime at my high school when I spotted my IT teacher frantically running down the hallway, breathless and with glistening streams of sweat dripping down his red face. As soon as he … Continue reading

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Visiting my Primary School, 21 years on.

Several months ago I had the wonderful opportunity to take a drive with my Brother to the town in which I grew up.  It ended up being one of those beautiful days you spend with someone that you love in … Continue reading

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